Thursday, January 17, 2008


Net Diver -
this is a collection of cutting edge web design work from people all over. Click through the different categories and if you see something that catches your eye, open that site and start poking around in it. It is a good way to see what is possible... mix an match elements to fuel your own ideas!

Css Zen Garden -
More web design possibilities...

Happy Cog Studios -
most of their work is a good example of balance between design and web/business functionality. For the most part they all look good and operate with sound html markup (These are the folks behind -
They have good info!

Coudal Partners -
interesting advertising company


Now the fun part, seeing how other people put stuff together! You'll need to download firefox and install these plugins:

Fire Bug -

Web Tools -

Taking apart websites I was impressed by is how I learned the tricks of how to build them.
If anything it's fun to mess expensive corporate websites up!

Industry Specific RSS Feeds

Staying connected to the hive brain of the internet is another good way to see whats going on out there. Here are some RSS feeds I'm subscribed to on my google personal homepage.

site point (alistapart type site) -
Alist apart -
456 Berea Street -
happycog news -